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Overlooking West Marietta/Harmar is the imposing ashlar sandstone Italian villa known as "The Anchorage" or "Putnam Villa". This home, built in 1859 by Douglas Putnam for his wife Eliza, comprises 22 rooms and a grand tall campanile that fronts the house. From the tower room, the largest part of Marietta and its two rivers can be viewed. John Slocomb was the architect and master builder. The walls are made of 24" thick sandstone quarried from the top of the hill behind the house. The foundation is of solid rock and all wood used in the house is locally grown oak.

The Anchorage is best remembered as Edward MacTaggerts residence. Using wealth accumulated from oil wells in Oklahoma, Mr. MacTaggert restored the home and furnished it with treasures from his many worldwide travels. From the tower room, the largest part of Marietta and its two rivers can be viewed. This mansion served as the residence of many prominent Marietta citizens including Harry Knox (Knox Boatyard), Dorothy James Roberts (author), and Sophia Russell (Marietta College). The mansion is currently undergoing restoration sponsored by the Historical Society.

The Anchorage is always in need of volunteers who can paint, stain, do restoration work, or have materials to donate towards our ongoing restoration project. For more information, call Stu Diamond at (740) 221-1913.

Views of the Anchorage under Eddie MacTaggerts care, circa 1938:



AmeriCorps visit Fall 2004 - the young folks were busy beavers!



Our work in progress in 2003:



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