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Marriages: 1789-1840
By B. Graham and E. S. Cottle, 1976 $16.00
Westward Ho! Tray
By Leslie Cope, 1986, $5.00
Buckeye History, Vols. 1 and 2
By Edith Reiter, $32.00 SOLD BY SET ONLY
Behind the Doors of Historic Marietta
By Jann Adams, 2011 $20.00
Prices are as listed. Shipping and handling is $3.00 per item except for
"Mound Cemetery". It is $5.00 shipping/handling.
Optional insurance is an additional $2.00.

To order send a check or money order to:
Washington County Historical Society
346 Muskingum Dr.
Marietta, Ohio 45750