A Brief Look at Popular Vitamins

A Brief Look at Popular Vitamins
When we hear the words “health supplement” we might think: vitamins, minerals, amino acids

and other supplements! But actually a health supplement is more than that. It is an over-the-
counter or naturally-occurring product meant to augment one’s daily diet by taking either a pill,

capsule, liquid or powder online pharmacy malaysia. A health supplement can offer nutrients both naturally extracted from
plants or that are synthetically manufactured in order to enhance the amount of the ingested
intake. For example, if a person has a vitamin deficiency they may require a health supplement
to help meet their requirements.

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Health supplements are designed with a wide range of purposes. Some are designed for weight
loss and enhanced fitness. Others are used for energy, joint health or simply as a way to add
needed nutrients to the diet. A good health supplement will have a product label that includes
the manufacturer’s information (such as moh, dextrose, sucrose, lactose, calcium, etc), the
ingredients (including any ingredients added ipharmahome Malaysia, including coloring or flavoring), the milligrams or
ounces of the product and, if available, a recommended dose.
Health dietary supplements are either manufactured by a company or created in a laboratory.
The majority of manufacturers manufacture their own products, although some companies
contract out manufacturing. Laboratories produce specialized health dietary supplements. Most
manufacturers use a variety of standard mixtures to create their products. Each batch of the
product contains a unique combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids,
enzymes and other substances that help promote health.

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Most dietary supplements contain only vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, many
of these supplements include other substances, such as antioxidants, flavorings, herbal extracts
and other specially-formulated blends. While some of these supplements, like Vitamin C, are
naturally occurring in foods, vitamins, minerals and other substances cannot be duplicated in a
laboratory. For this reason, it is extremely important that you consult your physician before
starting a supplementation program.
Health supplement users can also purchase multivitamins in stores. Multivitamins may come in
tablet, capsule and liquid forms, or in a mixture of these products. Most health supplement users
take multivitamins in the form of either a single-ingredient multivitamin or as a multi-nutritional
supplement. Some single-ingredient multivitamins are available without a vitamin supplement
line, while some multivitamins in a liquid, tablet or capsule form are only available with a vitamin
supplement line.
When choosing a health supplement, it is best to choose one that is made from natural
ingredients, rather than chemically engineered vitamins and other synthetic substances.
Synthetic vitamins and other substances do not provide the required nutritional value in dosages
that meet the requirements of most individuals. Natural vitamins are available at many
drugstores and nutrition outlets. They may be more expensive than other vitamins, but they are
safer for your body, and do not cause the unpleasant side effects that chemical-based vitamins
may cause. Be sure and talk with your physician before taking any nutritional supplement.