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     The WCHS has compiled a cemetery database with nearly 60,000 burials from around Washington County, OH. The links below contain a list of names from that database through various cemetery transcription sources, including contributions from the Washington County Historical Society and Washington County Public Library Local History and Genealogy Branch in Marietta. This index is meant as a starting point in your genealogical research and is neither complete nor guaranteed accurate. As this list was put together from cemetery readings, spelling errors and misreading of letters & numbers due to various factors (weather, lighting, tombstone deterioration, etc.) occurred. Please check all conceivable spelling variations of your surname and/or given name. Where transcription errors or omissions are found, please let us know so they can be corrected.
     Additional names, cemeteries and information will be added and/or corrected as time and resources permit. Please note that not all cemeteries are listed yet, so please be patient. Likewise, just because a cemetery is among those listed, it does not guarantee that all tombstones were read in that cemetery. More recent burials are less likely to be included and are dependent on the date of the particular cemetery transcription. Information in these lists include name (alphabetical), birth death year, age at death, cemetery, township location of cemetery, veteran service, military unit and additional notes. Because of space limitations, we did not include exact dates of birth or death. Also, only when their birth date is unknown is their age at the time of death included when indicated in the transcription resource. Please read the introduction at the top of each of these index web pages for additional information and definitions.

IMPORTANT: Most Oak Grove Cemetery listings are from burial records from 1860-1920 only; and may not match the exact year of death. In some cases it is the year of reinternment; sometimes many years later, particularly when moved from other cemeteries. Please email the Washington County Public Library Local History & Genealogy Branch for additional genealogical research assistance or questions.

Additional names, cemeteries, and updates will be posted as they become available.

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Alphabetical Listing By Surname


Abbey-Alig (38K)

Dikeman-Donovan (36K)

Knox-Landy (36K)

Rosseter-Salisbury (37K)

Alkire-Apple (39K)

Doody-Dunn (36K)

Lane-Lawson (36K)

Salm-Schinkel (38K)

Applebay-Badger (39K)

Dunning-Dye (34K)

Lawton-Linscott (37K)

Schlarb-Schulz (41K)

Badgett-Barkley (39K)

Dyer-Einsel (37K)

Linton-Lude (37K)

Schuman-Senft (37K)

Barkwell-Bass (38K)

Eirig-Evans (37K)

Ludicke-Marsh (35K)

Senger-Shockey (37K)

Bast-Beaver (47K)

Eveleigh-Fenton (37K)

Marshall-Matheny (37K)

Shockley-Smiley (39K)

Beazell-Bellville (37K)

Ferguson-Flesher (36K)

Mather-McClure (38K)

Smith (45K)

Beltz-Best (42K)

Fletcher-Fox (36K)

McClurkin-McHugh (37K)

Smithberger-Spratt (38K)

Bestwick-Blauser (38K)

Foy-Gallagher (39K)

McIlvaine-McNutt (37K)

Spring-Stein (37K)

Blauvelt-Boston (38K)

Gallaher-Gibson (37K)

McParland-Mick (42K)

Steinhoff-Stonaher (37K)

Boswell-Braxton (36K)

Gibut-Gorby (37K)

Middleswart-Milles (45K)

Stone-Swanson (36K)

Breach-Broughton (32K)

Gordon-Green (38K)

Milligan-Moorey (42K)

Swartz-Thoma (35K)

Brown-Buchanan (37K)

Greenawalt-Gusburg (37K)

Moran-Morrow (38K)

Thomas-Tice (39K)

Buchert-Burnett (37K)

Guse-Hallem (42K)

Morsch-Nary (36K)

Tick-Turnbull (39K)

Burnfield-Camp (33K)

Hallett-Harris (41K)

Nash-Nickerson (37K)

Turner-Varley (39K)

Campbell-Carter (37K)

Harrison-Hawn (35K)

Nickol-O'Donnell (36K)

Varner-Wagner (38K)

Cartwright-Chapman (41K)

Hay-Henderson (39K)

Oesterle-Pahl (36K)

Wagoner-Warren (38K)

Chappelear-Clifton (34K)

Hendricks-Hile (36K)

Paine-Patterson (36K)

Warth-Weimer (34K)

Cline-Cogshell (36K)

Hill-Hoff (36K)

Pattin-Petty (37K)

Weinheimer-West (35K)

Cogswell-Cook (36K)

Hoffart-Hopp (37K)

Pevarski-Platt (37K)

Westbrook-Wible (36K)

Cooke-Coy (35K)

Hoppel-Humston (36K)

Plaugher-Price (36K)

Wick-Wilrs (36K)

Coyle-Cunningham (42K)

Hune-Jackson (43K)

Prichard-Randall (37K)

Wilson-Wolford (36K)

Cunter-Danley (36K)

Jacobs-Johnson (37K)

Randolph-Reiss (36K)

Wolfram-Yarnall (37K)

Dann-Davis (35K)

Johnston-Kathary (36K)

Reisz-Rietz (38K)

Yarnell-Zumbro (37K)

Davison-Denbow (36K)

Kauf-Kidd (36K)

Rife-Robins (34K)


Denham-Dignam (36K)

Kidder-Knowlton (36K)

Robinson-Ross (38K)


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